Silk and Gold Bracelet Silk and Gold Bracelet Silk and Gold Bracelet

Silk and Gold Bracelet

Burgundy silk woven with 18k rose gold
Designed by C Select

Price: €420.00 (incl. taxes excl. shipping)

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Handmade in Italy, this flattering bracelet is woven using a 15th Century technique. 18k gold threads are combined with coloured silk, creating a very luxurious and feminine look. The bracelet is designed to be tied around the wrist with the tassels hanging free. It is easy to tie and untie, but the knot does not come loose by itself easily. The luxury version of a friendship bracelet!

Item reference: 5028005

C Select is Carolina Meran’s service that screens the market for good quality and great design pieces from jewellery workshops around the world. We only buy from workshops that are know for their quality.

The bracelet is around 3mm wide and measures 33cm in length including the tassels. The tassels are 4cm long each.